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I am Kellie Codianna and I am a Certified Yoga Therapist and Holistic Health Coach. I help people fix back pain through yoga, mindfulness, and making space in the body. Core strengthening, teaching spinal alignment, breath work, relaxation, weight loss, and incorporating meditation are all part of my practice.

I envision Divine as being connected to the authentic self and Rooted as being grounded in ourselves to be solid.

When stability meets light, our true nature unfolds and we see our hardships more clearly. Facing our dilemmas with courage offers a platform for our wisdom to expand. From this base, we flourish in a way that all our fears and worries will be guided with love and support. 

Divinely Rooted is located in the Hidden Gem on Main

33 N. Main St. Suite D. Wallingford, CT 06492

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Kellie Codianna of Divinely Rooted is a Yoga Therapist.

Kellie help people with chronic pain using a a blend of educational movement to bring attention to mind-body awareness and connection. She focuses her teaching on spinal alignment beginning from the ground up. Working from what is touching the earth first, while bringing attention to the breath again and again.

With a mindful, intentional, slow movement practice, we begin to rediscover a connection to our subtle body. It takes time to get there and Kellie has been known to meet people exactly where they are.

Often times, people come to work with Kellie Codianna privately and when they feel comfortable and the pain has subsided, they will join Kellie in her classes.

Kellie’s small studio is in the center of Wallingford, CT. She offers private sessions, small groups up to 4, and classes at her studio.