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My name is Kellie Jean Codianna. Kim Valeri, of YogaSpirit Studios, has been my mentor and teacher since 2004. After a steady run of traumatic events since birth, I have been amazed at the transformation that has occurred with the practices of Yoga, Pilates, and Ayurveda. Ultimately, Yoga facilitated my process of believing in myself. 

In 2008, after 4 years of teaching, I fell while ice-skating. My pelvis became misaligned and I was faced with consistent and uncomfortable back pain. I was a dedicated Yoga practitioner and teacher. At the time, I taught a Vinyasa style Yoga and I thought I knew my body enough to continue my regular teaching and practicing. The pain in my pelvis, sacro-iliac joints and lower back continued to worsen. One day, I was in a very hot room with about 90 people in Boston and my entire right leg felt tingly. I woke up to the awareness that I better take a step back from my Yoga practice and see that my ego and stubbornness were in my own way. This was embarrassing as a Yoga Teacher because we are suppose to know how to heal! I had a following of people who came to my Vinyasa style classes. I became conflicted on what to teach. Could I possibly continue to teach something that might hurt people? I significantly changed my teaching style slowing thing down quite a bit and began incorporating Restorative in my classes with a blend of Vinyasa. Still not completely understanding what was going on with my own body, I knew it was necessary to slow things down.

I deepened my understanding of the anatomical body and received a 200-hour PiIates Certification with "In Balance Pilates" in 2011. I steadily continued my Yogic Studies with YogaSpirit Studios and recently received my Yoga Therapy Certification with Yoga Alliance in 2017.  The foundation of Yoga Spirit Studios is the Iyengar method, which focuses on alignment and is rooted in the ancient wisdom of the 8 limbs. 

Yoga Therapy studies include in-depth studies of Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, which have taught me how to stay balanced and connected to my emotions through food and self-care practice. My Ayurveda teachers include Joseph Immel of Joyful Belly, John Douillard and Kerala Academy.

As I now enter my 14th year of teaching, I am honored to guide each person that chooses to step on the mat with me. Combining strength, flexibility, and breath, I bring attention to spinal alignment in all poses, while deepening a sense of self-reflection and compassion. Assisting people on their journey to see their best self while coming into alignment with their bodies and who they are brings me joy!  

Yoga teachings that work on your inner self will help you to face fears, addictions, back pain, and ultimately leave you feeling more whole.  Ayurveda practices bring mental clarity, more energy through the lens of looking at digestion of what you take in.   I look forward to assisting YOU on your path to total wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

Revised January 4, 2018

Kellie Codianna, C-IAYT


After having back pain for 6 years I was considering shots of cortisone in my lower back. I started Kellie's Against The Wall yoga once a week. I could feel my back improving with each class so I delayed the shots. It has been 3 months and my posture has improved and there is no back pain! - Linda Griffin