Divinely Rooted


Divinely Rooted

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I am Kellie Codianna and I help people with back pain through weight loss, strengthening core muscles, teaching spinal alignment, breath work and incorporating mindfulness meditation.

I envision Divine as being connected to authentic self and Rooted as being grounded in ourselves to be solid.

When stability meets light, our true nature unfolds and we see our hardships more clearly. Facing our dilemmas with courage offers a platform for our wisdom to expand. From this base, we flourish in a way that all our fears and worries will be guided with love and support. 


Skype, in-person in Hamden CT, or in nature!




Wallligford, CT


Offerings Overview

Offerings Overview

Work with me

I am on a mission to help people discover parts of themselves that are theunknown, to see the WHOLE self as limitless…To believe that we can accomplish anything... to teach self knowledge of mind, body and spirit through Ayurveda, Yoga and Pilates!  I am excited about my growth and I believe all that I have learned in the past 15 years of study will help the world become healthy and conscious!

Alignment Workshop

Alignment Workshop



BRING THIS 8 Week Yoga/Pilates WORKSHOP with Kellie Jean Codianna to YOUR LOCATION!


  • Week 1:  Feet point forward and knees in line with hips.  Exercises keeping knees, feet and hips in alignment
  • Week 2: The hips, anterior, posterior and neutral pelvis. Do exercises sitting, standing, lying down on back, side and belly becoming connected to your pelvis.
  • Week 3: Tight hamstrings?  Do a flow and break down Downward Facing Dog to find out how you can learn to love it learning modifications.  Ribcage vs Belly breathing.  Breathing exercises (pranayama) with short meditation.
  • Week 4: Many are nervous about backbends.  The door to our heart is sometimes closed. We will explore them slowly using props and counter stretch with forward bends.  (Props and hands on adjustments for support.)
  • Week 5: Continue to explore backbends and discover where you are locked up.  Backbends can feel scary and challenging because of low, mid or upper back.  Feel supported and loved being guided to practice backbends safely. Options will be given.  How do find space in our spine without compression and breathe?!
  • Week 6: Learn how to keep your spine on its axis while doing twisting poses.  Rapid or sometimes holding the breath while twisting is common.  Learn how to take slow steady breaths to find calm and peace in the twist! 
  • Week 7:  Going upside down! WHY?  If you can shift your down dog out of your shoulders into the hips and legs, you are most likely ready to practice head or handstand.  If not ready for this learning to hold down dog moving energy upspine and down the legs for 10 minutes or try Dolphin.  This is also a scary place to go and I will help you and when your receive the benefits you will be amazed!
  • Week 8: The last class will incorporate a FULL practice.  It will be SLOW with a focus on alignment and breath.   

Life is full of stresses and challenges. 

Each class with end with a 10 minute Svanasana. 

You will be guided into deep stillness!

112 S. Main Street, Unionville, CT 06518 203.675.7155