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Who Am I?

A Yoga Therapist/Holistic Health Coach. I offer
solutions, support and create a personalized plan
for a pain-free and healthy body and mind.   

What Do I Do?

Heal chronic or new back pain permanently and
naturally. I help my clients to develop a deeper
awareness of the mind-body connection.

How Do I Do It?

Yoga Therapy which involves core and pelvic floor
strengthening and postural alignment. The breath is the core skill we will hone.

What Other Tools Do I Have?

Nutrition for weight-loss, Ayurveda for self-awareness
and to help manage digestion and sleep imbalances.
Spiritual connection, Visualization, Mindfulness, and

How Do I Do It?

Through a customized healing program I put together for each client.

The program will include relaxing as well as strength Yoga, Ayurveda daily ritual practices, nutritional guidance and support as well as journaling.   Your goals/ needs; where you are now and where you want to be.

What Do I Offer?

3, 6, and 12-month programs that include 1-1 Yoga
sessions, both online and in-person, and daily exercises to
practice at home.  Some exercises/practices are
relaxing while on your back.  As needed, we discuss
and work on other lifestyle factors including Nutrition,
overall movement, and the mind-body- spirit connection.

What is My Specialty?

Individuals with chronic or new back pain resulting from age,
accident, illness, sedentary or an overactive lifestyle. I
specialize in working with seniors and pain-sufferers who are determined to heal themselves to
prevent further limitations.

What Results Do My Clients Get?

-Pain reduction and alleviation.
-Ability to reduce or eliminate pain meds.
-Ability to increase activity and do activities they
would like to do.
-Lifelong knowledge of how they would like to protect
their bodies.
-Self- care to prevent pain from returning.
-People get the life back they used to have or the
life they would like to have but have not had.
-Weight-loss where needed.
-Energy and vitality.
-Reduced Stress and more life balance.
-Peace of mind and body.

How Do I Differ from Physical Therapists?

-I treat the whole person. Everything is connected
-I Include breath work because it is important for
healing and staying well.
-I focus on creating a new wellness lifestyle that not
only eliminates pain but prevents it from returning.

Who Are My Clients:

-Individuals who have suffered for a long time and are DONE WITH IT!
-Who have a vision and a commitment to creating a healthy
lifestyle naturally with permanent results.
-Who are ready to invest in themselves and are willing to do work to achieve