Wallingford Yoga Therapist

What is Yoga Therapy?

I am a Certified Yoga Therapist. This is different from a regular Yoga Teacher both in the amount and type of training we receive. While there are many similarities between a Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher, the main difference is that I take a clinical approach to fixing back pain using Yogic techniques, pelvic floor strengthening, breathing exercises, and more.

I will develop a customized healing program for each client. The program will include a mix of Yoga to relax your mind and strengthen your body. Using Ayurveda daily ritual practices, nutritional guidance and support, and journaling, I will help you reach your goals and needs to help you live your best, pain-free life.

What Do I Do?

I help alleviate back pain through Yoga Therapy. I focus on healing chronic or new back pain by helping my clients develop a deeper awareness of the mind-body connection.

Who Am I?

A Yoga Therapist and Holistic Health Coach based in Wallingford, CT. I offer solutions and support in order to create a personalized plan for a healthy, pain-free body and mind. You can learn more about me here.

What Other Tools Do I Have?

The mind-body connection will benefit from more than just Yoga. What we eat and drink can impact our mental and physical state. Therefore, I also provide nutrition guidance, and incorporate Ayurveda for enhancing self-awareness to aid with managing things like digestion and sleep imbalances.

Spiritual Connection, Visualization, Mindfulness, and Meditation.  

What is My Specialty?

People suffering from back pain. This could be chronic back pain, or back pain that has recently presented itself. This may be the result of normal aging, a traumatic accident (as mine was), an illness, and/or a sedentary or an overactive lifestyle.

My services are great for anyone with back pain. I specialize in working with seniors and pain-sufferers who are determined to heal themselves to prevent further limitations.

What Results Do My Clients Get?

  • Pain reduction and alleviation.

  • Ability to reduce or eliminate pain medication.

  • Ability to increase activity and do activities they
    would like to do.

  • Lifelong knowledge of how they would like to protect
    their bodies.

  • Self- care to prevent pain from returning.

  • People get the life back they used to have or the
    life they would like to have but have not had.

  • Weight-loss where needed.

  • Energy and vitality.

  • Reduced Stress and more life balance.

  • Peace of mind and body.

How Do I Differ from Physical Therapists?

I focus on creating a new wellness lifestyle that not only eliminates pain but prevents it from returning.

  • I treat the whole person. Everything is connected

  • I Include breath work because it is important for
    healing and staying well.

Am I a Good Fit for Yoga Therapy?

If you have said anything like the below statements recently then, YES, you are a great fit for Yoga Therapy with Kellie Codianna!

“I wish my back wouldn’t hurt so much every time I stand up!”

“Bending over is hard because it hurts my back to come back up.”

“I want to improve my posture!”

“I want to play with my grandchildren, but my back hurts too much.”

“Am I too young for my back to be hurting this much?”

“Putting socks and shoes on shouldn’t be this hard!”

“Why does my back hurt so much?”

“How do I fix back pain without medication?”

If you’re an individual who has suffered from back pain for a long time and are DONE WITH IT, or have a vision of committing to creating a healthier lifestyle, naturally, with permanent results, or who are ready to invest in themselves and are willing to do work to achieve results…

Then I want to work with you! Email or call me to set up an appointment or learn more.