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We are super excited and honored to bring Corey Hudson to Divinely Rooted!

He will be leading an introspective discussion around healing the emotional body. Our minds can be destructive and can cause an array of different kinds of stress which can be harmful to our overall well-being. For some, our minds can derail into pure destruction where we make poor decisions.

Corey has an amazing ability to walk you into the depths of your mind and offer new ways of thinking and being. His work is powerful and uplifting. If you are struggling emotionally this is a wonderful gift to yourself or someone you care about.

This session is Sunday Sept 29th 1-3:30.

This program is donation based and open to all peoples in need or seeking more information on how to assist others.

Space is limited to 12 people.

Please sign up in advance.

Session 3 - Courage: Harnessing the power of vulnerability

All to often we associate vulnerability with weakness and allowing ourselves to be hurt or to be taken advantage of. Yet, when we reflect on those we admire and why, we recognize that they are daring to be vulnerable in some way and to expose aspects of themselves that make them human, relatable and inspiring. If you have ever opened your heart to love, tried something for the first time, interviewed for a job, applied to a college or university, or reached out to a loved one in pain, you know what it feels like to both be vulnerable and to chose courage. I like to think of vulnerability as if it is an arena I am stepping into completely unarmored to meet a perceived opponent or walking out onto a stage before an audience with no costume or character to play. In an increasingly armored, defensive and numb society, practicing vulnerability may be our greatest measurement of courage and our only hope for healing and meaningful connection.


  • Recognize what we have come to believe about vulnerability and challenge it.

  • Recognize how and where we have already been courageous through practicing vulnerability.

  • Recognize the cost of not showing up, armoring up and shutting down.