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We are super excited and honored to bring Corey Hudson to Divinely Rooted for this donation-based program!

These next 3 Sundays in a row from 1-3:30, Corey will be leading a introspective discussion around healing the emotional body. Our minds can be destructive and can cause an array of different kinds of stress which can be harmful to our overall well-being. For some, our minds can derail into pure destruction where we make poor decisions.

Corey has an amazing ability to walk you into the depths of your mind and offer new ways of thinking and being. His work is powerful and uplifting. If you are struggling emotionally this is a wonderful gift to yourself or someone you care about.

The class dates are: Sundays Sept 15th 6-8:30 PM and September 22, 29 and Oct. 6th All 1-3:30 PM

This program is donation based and open to all peoples in need or seeking more information on how to assist others.

Shame, Fear & Guilt: What are the antidotes and how can we access them.

If you're anything like me, you may have spent much of your life burying yourself and your intentions beneath layers of shame, fear and guilt. Moment to moment they feel like paper cuts, they sting, they bleed, they stain, but they are bearable. However, as they continue to accumulate over time, we build up scar tissue or barriers that protect us from being soft, open, vulnerable and compassionate. With each layer we are removed more and more from the very connections, relationships and experiences we so desire, until we find ourselves circling and pacing a sort of prison we created out of a desire to protect ourselves from danger and discomfort. This prison not only silences us and disconnects us from each other, but it disconnects us from ourselves and our purpose.


  • Recognize the areas we are experiencing shame, fear and guilt.

  • Recognize what feeding our shame, fear and guilt is costing us.

  • Recognize that vulnerability, courage, compassion and empathy are the tools to we need to reduce and move through our shame, fear and guilt.