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We are super excited and honored to bring Corey Hudson to Divinely Rooted!

Four Sundays in a row, he will be leading a introspective discussion around healing the emotional body. Our minds can be destructive and can cause an array of different kinds of stress which can be harmful to our overall being. For some, our minds can derail into pure destruction where we make poor decisions.

Corey has an amazing ability to walk you into the depths of your mind and offer new ways of thinking and being. His work is powerful and uplifting. If you are struggling emotionally this is a wonderful gift to yourself or someone you care about.

The class dates are: Sundays Sept 15 6- 8:30 PM

The following 3 consecutive Sundays are Sept. 22, 29 and Oct. 6. All 1-3:30.

This program is donation based and open to all peoples in need or seeking more information on how to assist others.

Session 1: Breakdown to Breakthrough: Listening to pain and why it’s showing up

Often times when we experience pain and suffering we come to believe that we are being punished or buried in some way. The space can feel dark, cold, lonely and hopeless. However, if we can understand the process a seed that has been planted or a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis undergoes, we can learn that we have been planted, not buried and are being prepared, not punished. In this session, we’ll be exploring, through personal sharing, how walls that have protected our raw and vulnerable core, which begin to crack, spilling light into our fragile hearts, help create space and provide the clarity we need to look at what’s inside our shell or cocoon. We’ll look at how the pain, grief and trauma can transform from breakdown to becoming our breakthrough. We’ll discuss how our own destruction and rebuilding can change the entire foundation and design of the life we build and share with the world around us - if we accept and utilize the gifts and teachings the pain and discomfort offer us.


  • Recognize how pain, trauma and grief can open us up rather than shut us down.

  • Recognize without the breakdown there can be no breakthrough - old ways become substance for new ways.

  • Recognize our stories and experiences can become the fuel with which we power our gifts and purposes when we have the courage to share them in meaningful ways.