Special Events

Small Group Classes are limited to 4 students.

All Small group pricing is billed on a monthly basis.

All Small groups are sign up in advance in case they are full.

Free for first timers: Contact Kellie to setup your first session @ 203.675.7155 or kellie@divinelyrooted.org

No drop-ins are allowed.

Current Schedule

Do you want a small group, but do not see a time that works for your schedule, please email Kellie@divinelyrooted.org to request a time.


Therapeutic Yoga for Back Pain

7:00 – 8:00 pm


Yoga Slow Flow with hands on assists and Reiki

1:00-2:00 pm


Therapeutic Yoga for Back Pain

10:00- 11:00 AM

If you have any questions about the classes offered or are interested in private sessions, please email Kellie@divinelyrooted.org or call me @ 203.675.7155 .

Small Group Class Pricing

$40 per session/1 x per week= 160 per month

$35 per session/2 x per week = 280 per month

$30 per session/ 3x per week = 360 per month