Daily practices are so helpful for staying connected to our bodies and stable in our minds.  

Being that we are in Kapha season, even if you are not a Kapha type person, including Kapha lifestyle practices will assist with cleaning out the heaviness of Winter eliminating congestion!  

This will include a stimulating Yoga practice or exercise in the morning  during Kapha hours (6 AM- 10 AM) to increase heart rate.  Cook with ginger, black pepper, cumin, curry, cinnamon which are all warming herbs.   Eat your heaviest meal in the middle of the day while the sun is the strongest and digestive fire (Agni) is in sync with the sun, especially in Spring.  

Daily Rituals!


Homemade Ayurvedic Tea

Healthy digestion, weight and mental clarity as soon as you wake up!

  • 24- 32 Ounces of warm water.
  • Juice half of lime (Cooling, less $) OR lemon (warming, more $) BOTH Irrigate the colonJ
  • Slivers or shavings of fresh ginger root
  • 1 TBS quality honey (local and raw if possible).

*Scrape your tongue with a stainless steal tongue scraper to clear away

*Splash cool water on your face for alertness.

Heal back pain: at any point during your day!

  1. Do 10 squats.  Inhale to prepare and exhale to squat. Keep knees in line with toes and turn feet out slightly.   Slide spine down an imaginary wall.
  2. Lie on back. Draw knees to chest and then do one leg at a time.  10 slow breaths in each position.
  3. Place yoga block under sacrum (just above the tailbone) and another block between upper thighs.  Take 10 slow breaths. Then lift legs straight up or with knees bent in table top for 10 breaths.

Breathing exercise (Pranayama):

Ease Anxiety and help with addiction

  • Inhale through nose count to 6.
  • Hold the breath at the very top of inhale and pause for count of 3. 
  • Exhale every drop of air for count of  7.
  • At the bottom of the exhale squeeze and lift the pelvic floor muscles for count of 3 holding the breath out.
  • Do 10 rounds. Stop and observe the shift in consciousness.

Modification for pregnancy: Inhale for 6, exhale for 8.