Good Evening<3 What a nice cool one here in New England!

My name is Kellie and if you don’t know me, I am someone who avoids conflict…UNTIL I am about to burst.  I guess that means I care what people think of me.  I don’t like to argue.  It just drains me.

I never post anything about my views on politics because I am not trying to have a debate with anyone…I try my best to keep away from drama.

 This is a NEED I have bubbling up from inside to express my concern about the state of our planet.   Everyone has something that they are truly effected by. 

I have always felt like guns are scary….Like forever.   When friends in my neighborhood played cops and robbers, I went and found something else to do.  I didn’t voice my opinion.  I kept quiet because I was afraid of someone not agreeing with me.  

 WOW….it can be draining to keep quiet….Like really heavy….

So I am speaking up.  I do speak up to my friends more and more these days….The ones that are open to hearing me……Honestly, it is not many.  I think that is the norm.   Most people only feel safe with a couple people in their life.

 Ultimately,  I am really scared for our planet.  I am making a commitment to reusing and reducing use of as many things as I can starting NOW.   I hope that this will inspire you to do your part.  It doesn’t matter what your part is.  What does matter is that it is an improvement and different than what you do now. 

 My son Zach is more emotionally effected about the state of planet. I learned from him that the Amazon National Rainforest was burning and that the Bahamas were under water.   He read the news before me!  I was pleased to learn from him!   

 We as a collective reduced our use of plastic grocery bags…We can still buy them though.  My big part will be to TRY hard to stay away from buying items in plastic.  

 As this may sound like a downer blog, it truly is not because I must add I DO see hope in humanity. Marianne Williamson gives me hope.  She speaks my language.  If you are curious about what Language I speak is…. I encourage you to start listening to her.  

Like I said, I have not posted my political views because having a debate about who is the best candidate to run this country, is not the conversation I want to have or WILL have..  

All I ask is: Will you give this woman a chance?

For our planet, our children, education, medical benefits and our moral ethical values.  


Isn’t our HEALTH the most important thing?? 

 Where will we be without our Health?

 If you have taken the time to read this to the END,  I would hug you. 

 It means a lot and that you actually MUST care?!

 Please leave a comment!  

 September 6, 2019