Your Health is Important. Yoga, Ayurveda, and Functional Fitness=PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE!

The weather was spectacular this past weekend. I absolutely love this time of the year. One of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice out is to take my dog for a walk in the woods early in the morning or at night in my neighborhood when it is warm enough to wear short sleeves.

The Memorial Day Parade Monday morning went right by my new space in Wallingford. You bet I was out there connecting with people telling them what is new in the neighborhood. I was a little struck when one woman said that she finds Yoga very boring. Another woman said she would never be able to do some of poses us Yogis do.

I realize more each day, Yoga is such a broad concept now. If 10 people hear the word Yoga, it can mean something completely different to each person. It is more important now than ever, we as Yoga Teachers and Therapists, be as specific as possible what we teach, in order to get the clientele we are searching for. Not only what style, but what will someone get out of coming to our classes?

My Goals:

Help people learn specific body mechanics to heal and manage chronic pain. I am also a believer in changing the mindset from “I will always be this way” to visualizing yourself as healthy, happy and pain free!

Help people who don’t feel good learn tools to become well, through Yoga, Ayurveda and Pilates.

Teach you to take charge of your own health from inside out! I believe in YOU and I am here to help your BELIEVE IN YOU! To re-establish a deep connection to your innate self.

Another conversation I was involved in over the weekend, was bills for services from insurance companies people were expected to pay (for services they never received). When I hear things like this, it makes me want to be in total charge of my own well-being.

Minimizing stress, getting solid sleep, exercise of some kind daily, and eating piles of organic veggies EVERYDAY!


-Lots of Props, IE: straps, blocks, bolsters, blankets.

-Wall and floor

-My hands for healing (reiki), to make space

-Your hands to teach you how to make space.

I will teach each Yoga pose from the ground up.

Learn to establish the pose within your bones and muscles.

Help you build upon your practice as you are ready, not to turn you into a pretzel, but to help your balance your strength and flexibility.


Learn and practice the tools to connect mind and body to become ONE!

Yoga = UNION <3

Repeat mantras of affirming a truth, light and love within YOU<3

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