Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues:

What do you think of this breeze here in New England?  If you are elsewhere, I love to know what the weather is doing where you are!   Learning about weather patterns around the country and world is actually quite fascinating so let me know where you are reading from and what the weather is doing!

I have had a fabulous Summer, like one of the best ever.  I was so busy traveling and working that I did not write anything all Summer, not even in my journal!  The week before Summer officially started, I went to the Yoga Therapy Conference in Reston, VA.  I learned so much and had fun too.  The highlights of my trip were a Back Pain class I took with Lillah Schwartz.   You may know that I struggled with nagging back pain for many years on and off.  I am always learning new skills to help my students feel better and keeping myself healthy is always a top priority.  Since I have overcome back pain, I have decided to dive deep and make it my specialty and priority to help people in this area!  Other highlights of this trip were visitng old friends and making new.  One of the friends I made and adored was a 4 leeged furry friend, named Dwight.

My son just turned 18 and we took two trips to music and yoga festivals.  My all time favorite festival is Unifier.  This was my second year camping out for the weekend.  With a lake, kayaking, music, yoga, great food and art, the event is so fulfilling.  A couple weeks after that, we went to Levitate Music and Arts Festival in Marshfield, MA.  Dancing and music have always been very effective medicine when I feel down.  I am having so much fun learning new artists and rekindling my love for music.  My new favorite band is Mike Love...a blend of reggae with a groovy rhythmic beats.  

As full and fun as my Summer has been, I can feel the shift of season change about to set in, even though Fall is officially a month away.  When the air changes, it is a perfect time to reflect on how you are feeling and what you are doing with your time.  What steps can we make to get ourselves back on track?  Each new day, I try to take care of myself as that allows me to show up with love and kindness and share my light.  As the cooler air sets in, I begin to think about cooked apple with some cinnamon and ghee as well as Winter squash soups!  

In my newsletters, I usually include Ayurveda tips and wonder if they are helpful?  I am looking forward to the Fall because it is a perfect time to offer Introduction to Ayurveda classes.  Similar to Yoga, it is a lens of self knowledge and awareness.  By learning about your personal constitution, you can help yourself adapt to change and most importantly, digest what you put into your body so it doesn't smell completely toxic.  Our poop is only supposed to stink a little!  Email me to learn more about Ayurveda in October! Sending lots of love and light to all of you<3

If you got to the end of this message, Congrats!  This tells me you are not afraid of real talk.  Thank you for reading....The light in me honors that light within you!  (and dark too.)  Making ourselves vulnerable is scary and can also be an outlet for connection.  More real stuff coming soon.  Namaste, Kellie<3