Welcome to my NEW website! Thank you for visiting.  Life is a wild journey. The elements Water, Air, Fire, Ether (space), Earth all effect us.  Learning about ourselves we can allow nature to support us.  If it is Windy outside and you notice that your mind feels unsteady, what is that you might need?   The elements are one avenue that can offer you insight to the SELF.  

I will be writing more soon about my personal story and all the different practices that support my path to wellness.  I will include other people and their businesses that support me whether I know them personally or not.  I will include past and present stories of this wild ride.  I am truly blessed with the the people that have been in my life for the long haul as well as the new people that have recently come in.  I am on a NEW path.  This new website is a new platform to stand on to grow and blossom from.  I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart that have come into my life for the purpose of strength, courage, growth and change!  You are all my community and I send love and blessings to you...even if you think I don't remember you...I do<3