In honor of my MOM

In the past, a host of emotions would come up for me on Mothers Day.  My Mom left her body almost 5 years ago from Lung Cancer. She smoked a couple packs a day my whole life...just about hers too.  When I was 15, she kept cartons in the second drawer in the kitchen next to the stove.  I started taking a pack here and there and when she found out I was a smoker, she said she knew I was taking them.  In my Junior year in High School, Health became my favorite subject.  The teacher spoke in a language that made me passionate about the human body.  Learning about the organs fascinated me!   From that point, I thought I wanted to be a nurse and I stayed on that path and began working as a CNA while going to school for Nursing.   I was slowly figuring out that I wanted to be healthy and I wanted to help people healthy but my surroundings were not promoting this.  I was having a fun time doing what I was doing. Nothing was wrong so why change?

There will be a variety of BLOGS about my story and my WHY I am SO passionate about helping you.  THIS BLOG is going to focus on how I am committed to helping you quit smoking.  When I was about 23 in 1997, a pack of cigarettes was $3.50. It felt like a lot of money and people kept saying the price would keep going up.  I knew I didn't feel good smoking.  I didn't feel good about myself, the drying quality felt horrible to my body and I knew I smelled like toxic chemicals. Now that I am well studied in Ayurveda and have learned about my constitution through this lens, it all makes sense to me as why my body hated the dry quality.  

I knew it was time for me to quit...I  felt it on a deep level and it was a process.  From a Psychology perspective I took the desensitization path for quitting.  This is a method used to help people overcome anxieties.  The anxiety of what would I do without having a cigarette to hold onto was so big that slowly quitting was my process.   Once I got the idea in my mind it was not an option to have cigarettes anymore, I eventually got over it.  

Being a Yoga teacher since 2004 and learning how to meditate, as well studying the 8 limbed path of a Yogi, I felt this visceral connection to feeling a deep connection to my soul, the depth of who I truly am and the breathing practice was the connection I was seeking while smoking.  Taking in that big deep breath and holding it and letting it go....AH...Visualizing that sense of holding that cigarette and feeling it between my lips and inhaling toxic chemicals and blowing them back out into the universe.  NOW, its like taking the biggest breath in and holding on to all that sustains me and keeps me strong and exhaling all the negative excess baggage that holds me back from being WHO I AM!


WHY a FALL Rejuvenation? Let's do it together!

Welcome to what feels like Fall and before you know it, the leaves will be colorful, then crispy and on the ground!  When I first began my intensive studies of Yoga in 2003, I learned that one way to learn about ME is to do a detox.  I was carrying a bit of extra weight from having a baby in 2000 and I had no idea how addicted to the taste of SWEET I really was.  Upon removing ALL processed and packaged foods, refined sugars, meat, gluten, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol from my diet, my mind felt clear and the natural energy I had was incredible.   

May I support and Offer you GUIDANCE to remind you to lovingly accept yourself and all that you are!? 

A DETOX IS TAKING THE MIRROR AND ATTEMPTING TO LOOK AT YOUR WHOLE SELF:  When you remove the cravings, many emotions rise and working through them is a practice!  

September is FALL Rejuvenation Time! Here is what is entailed!

WE BEGIN on September 18th and end on October 10th

Cost is 108 Dollars.

Cash/Check also accepted.  

WHY ELIMINATE certain foods and prepare your body for Winter?  

It is the Season of DRY and COLD.

During the change of seasons, our bodies go through a shift.  When we slow down and pay attention to the season change until two weeks post season the body will transition with ease<3  It will become easier to move through the cravings. 

We call it the Fall Rejuvenation.  My desire is to guide and support you through deepening your connection to your body, mind as you nurture yourself and connect to WHO YOU ARE underneath.  We wear many different hats to present ourselves in our lives as a mother, wife, daughter, father, son, co-worker, good friend; from professional to personal and private life.

I find every time I remove my cravings I notice patterns and tendencies.  When I slow down, I remember ME…Oh there I am!  Can we be vulnerable with each other and share if we care to?

A 21 day detox (especially from the WHITE STUFF) will set you into better habits.  I used to encourage a 40 day detox. Then I realized we are living in a world of DOING and 40 days is too challenging with all of our demands placed before us!  

Week 1:  Remove 5 things from the diet.  Caffeine, sugar, alcohol, wheat and dairy. Meat if you would like or eat ORGANIC eggs and/or chicken.  Fruit can be eaten on its own.

Notice your digestion! 

Week 2:  A mono diet. I will give recipes of a few variations of Kitcheri.

Week 3:  Light soups and herbal teas, and continue with mono diet if you would like.   Does MONO sound boring?  IT WILL include sweet potatoes and squashes.


What you will get:

*Recipes for meals and teas.

*Ghee making demo instructions, a video and a Document as to why it is good for you!   YOU can buy it if you don’t want to make it.

*A one hour private with me on Skype or in person in my Hamden, CT office.  I will ask you to fill out a DOSHA questionnaire ahead of time. Even if you have done this in the past, you will be amazed at how you change!

*I will ask you to give me 3 wishes to you would like to accomplish.

*Learn about morning and evening rituals called Dynacharia and Ritucharia and benefits via a document.

*Email inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours and most likely within a couple of hours.

*I am here to guide and support you! EMAIL Kellie for Questions.


First Blog Post

Welcome to my NEW website! Thank you for visiting.  Life is a wild journey. The elements Water, Air, Fire, Ether (space), Earth all effect us.  Learning about ourselves we can allow nature to support us.  If it is Windy outside and you notice that your mind feels unsteady, what is that you might need?   The elements are one avenue that can offer you insight to the SELF.  

I will be writing more soon about my personal story and all the different practices that support my path to wellness.  I will include other people and their businesses that support me whether I know them personally or not.  I will include past and present stories of this wild ride.  I am truly blessed with the the people that have been in my life for the long haul as well as the new people that have recently come in.  I am on a NEW path.  This new website is a new platform to stand on to grow and blossom from.  I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart that have come into my life for the purpose of strength, courage, growth and change!  You are all my community and I send love and blessings to you...even if you think I don't remember you...I do<3